About Nympea

Nymphea is among Israel's biggest productive nurseries, which operates both a seeding nursery and a transplant nursery.

Nymphea is spread over an area of 300 square meters that include greenhouses, in which we grow bushes, vines, fruit trees, ornamental trees, and Arecaceae. We grow our plants starting the seed sowing process and generating the plant using vegetative propagation, and all the way until the trees are fully grown.

The company also provides various services such as planning and construction of private and public gardens, roof gardens, indoor gardens, and irrigation systems.

Nymphea sets the highest standard for all of its work procedures and quality of products. We utilize our vast professional knowledge and experience to assure the flawless quality of our planting beds, plants, and service.

Gan Gader (Garden Fence) – A revolutionary living fence made of a sturdy steel fence, completely covered with beautiful living plants. It's an economical and smart solution which answers both the needs of security and aesthetic landscaping.

Gan Gader is a multifunctional product which has many applications in gardens, porches, creating artificial "rooms", covering walls and hazards, separating lanes in roads, parks, and many more. It provides reliable security while maintaining a green and ecological environment.

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